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Born:January 15, 1869, Kraków, Poland
Died:November 28, 1907, Kraków, Poland
Stanisław Wyspiański was a Polish playwright, painter and poet, as well as interior and furniture designer.
Wyspiański’s artistic output is very eclectic, drawings, sketch-books, oil-paintings, pastel drawings, portraits and self-portraits, designs of stained glass windows and paintings, illustrations, graphic art, plans of furniture and interiors, development of Wawel.
Drawings, such as 1890 self-portrait and drafts from his journeys across Europe and Poland, are among Wyspiański’s well-known works. He also created a herbarium by drawing plants. He was, however, most frequently using the technique of pastel; his first pastel drawings were produced between 1890 and 1894. They mainly present the artist’s family, friends and other artists. Wyspiański eagerly drew his children in everyday situations.